About us


Who we are?

We are devoted to giving back as much as we can to our clients by creating and sustaining a stable usable and growing information technology environment.

    • Experienced Services:

      ITBeats is a company dedicated to delivering IT Services, including computer upgrades ,maintanance and Web Hosting that truly delights our clients. ITBeats was formed on the premise that we could deliver a service superior to the industry-norm.

    • Excellent Service:

      We have discovered that in order to deliver a remarkable experience we need to have many systems in place that we never initially dreamt were necessary. We've made a plan to supply the individual user's and soho with the necessary IT services cost effectively.

    • Growing Community:

      Having said that, we are continually working to improve our service levels and relationship with our clients. As with any business it takes hard work and experience to succeed. We have the experience and have learnt some lessons the painful way.

    • Continued Satisfaction:

      It is our goal to be more than just a company that provides you with IT support or Web Hosting. Through our many value added services we hope to provide each of our clients with the tools that will enable them to make their computer/online experience easy,fast and relaxing.

The ITBeats crew promises to keep our client's systems up and running smoothly with the vast experience of our technicians and as efficient as possible as well as to keep them up to date with the latest additions to information technology.


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South Africa

Tel: +27 12 993 4466

Phone: +27 82 783 0361

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